September 14, 2011

Mod Pack - Unreal Old Friends 1

NOTE: Unreal Old Friends 1 is available as individual maps outlined below

Mod Type: Mod Pack 
Name: Unreal Old Friends 1 cooked ver. 2.1 
Author: UOF Team
Website: UOF, Mod README 
File Size: (individual maps outlined below) 
Description: This superb collection gives you the perfect glimpse of all that UT3 can offer in terms of map design. Themes range from the wintry DM-Hibernate, futuristic low-grav DM-OrbitalFlux, urban VCTF-Compound or old-school GRD-Peak to name a few. Each map showcases its theme by using a great blend of top-notch aesthetics, awesome layouts and action-packed gameplay. Ideal for any fan wanting to sample a wide range of excellent maps in one pack this should be a must have in your mod collection. Also for more UOF action check out the Unreal Old Friends 2 collection.  

IMPORTANT: Click on the map name for the PS3 DOWNLOAD LINK

The following maps are included in Unreal Old Friends 1

UOF-DM-Aero - Nova (11.2 MB, Mod README)
UOF-DM-Hibernate - Thrallala (23.7 MB, Mod README
UOF-DM-Hidrotrik - Odedge (16.4 MB, Mod README)
UOF-DM-Orbital Flux - Lord_PorkSword (18.7 MB, Mod README
UOF-DM-Peak - Bl!tz (18.9 MB, Mod README)
UOF-CTF-AndAction! 2K10 - 1xTrEmE (12.6 MB, Mod README)
UOF-CTF-Incinerate - Thrallala (25.6 MB, Mod README)
UOF-VCTF-Compound - Diesalot (32.4 MB, Mod README)
UOF-GRD-Hibernate - Thrallala (24.6 MB, Mod README)
UOF-GRD-Hidrotrik - Odedge (17.2 MB, Mod README)
UOF-GRD-Orbital Flux - Lord_Porksword (20.7 MB, Mod README)
UOF-GRD-Peak - Bl!tz (14.8 MB, Mod README)

The UOF Team writes, "This pack is intended to be primarily a fun group project made by a great bunch of friends that combines several different styles of maps depending on the author. The pack should satisfy all kind of players. Whether you prefer old-school visuals or newer UT3 visuals, hopefully there's something in the pack to satisfy everyone’s tastes."
Thanks UOF Team.

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