September 1, 2011

Warfare Map - Infection Forest SE


IMPORTANT: This is a new cook that fixes missing textures and preview pics

Mod Type: Warfare Map
Name: Infection Forest SE cooked ver. 2.1
Author: Sanch3z
File Size: 40.9 MB
Description: Set within dense, dark foliage this map has great visuals and solid frames to show off the instense action of jungle warfare. Also WAR-Infection Forest SE received Fourth Place in Phase 1 of the Make Something Unreal Contest.

Sanch3z writes, "Updated version of map submitted for MSUC. This version has ALL speedtrees removed and replaced with static mesh trees/bushes. This fixes the speedtree exploit where players using low detail settings dont see all the foliage and can see much more than a player using high details."
Thanks Sanch3z.

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