September 7, 2011

Vehicle CTF Map - The Conundrum


IMPORTANT: This is a new cook that fixes missing textures and preview pics

Mod Type: Vehicle CTF Map
The Conundrum cooked ver. 2.1 
Author: Plugh

Website: Epic Forums Post, Mod README
File Size: 22.6 MB
Description: Set within the confines of multiple levels, twists and turns this eerie indoor arena will challenge even the most experienced flag runner to escape in one piece. Also VCTF-The Conundrum received Honorable Mention in Phase 2 of the Make Something Unreal Contest. 

Plugh writes, "And unto the believers the sacred gift of undeath, those taking the sacrifice shall sit beside their creators, with a river of black running through their veins for an eternity." The prophecy has been fulfilled, lost is your soul."
Thanks Plugh.


  1. Hey, how often does this site get updated? I just sold UT3 for XBOX and got it for PS3 instead yesterday and I have been downloading mods from this site ever since... but this game has been out for years now so where are all the mods? I refuse to believe that the PC is going to hog them all. Anyways, THANKS SO MUCH HERBY AND AUTHORS AND COOKERS for the mods!!! So PLEASE keep this site UP! :)

  2. Ash I try to update the site as often as I can. The PS3 version of UT3 has been around for about a year. Thanks for the awesome feedback.