December 11, 2011

Game Type - Bombing Run


Mod Type: Game Type
Name: Bombing Run ver. 1.54
Author: Relic Team
Website: Epic Forums Post 
File Size: 48.3 MB
Description: This awesome and classic game type is back for UT3 with the same additive action of the original. The goal is for both teams battle over single Orb and try to score by sending it across the enemy goal. Teamwork is the key to scoring so be sure to "pass" the Orb to your allies to keep it away from the enemy. Be sure to check out Map Pack 1, Map Pack 2 and Map Pack 3 for that extra fix of Bombing Run action. Also Bombing Run received Finalist in Phase 3 of the Make Something Unreal Contest.

The following game type is included in Bombing Run

Bombing Run - Both teams seek possession of a single Orb. Orb carrier must take the Orb to the enemy goal to score. Carrying the Orb across the enemy goal is worth 7pts while shooting the Orb across the enemy goal is 3pts. Orb will reset after 30 seconds if not picked up.

The following maps are included in Bombing Run
(Bombing Run game type is included in each map)

BR-Amazonas - Foultzy
BR-Arena - Relic
BR-Black Ice - Làámßø 
BR-Bombing Hoops - Relic
BR-Bumper Pool - Narayana

Team Relic writes, "Enjoy all, we've worked super hard to make this the best mod possible!"
Thanks Team Relic.

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