August 28, 2011

Game Type - UT2D


IMPORTANT: This is a new cook that updates UT2D to ver. 2.0

Mod Type: Game Type
Name: UT2D ver. 2.0
Author: ZeelessOne
Website: Epic Forums Post, Mod README
File Size: 65.1 MB
Description: This is side scrolling 2 dimensional gameplay jacked-up in a 3D kind of way. The character models look amazing in this view and you can use all the custom characters. UT2D adds another first to the PS3, voluntary crouching. Just tilt down the left analog stick and you will crouch, with the added benefit of steadying your aim. Trust me you will experience UT3 gameplay in a whole new way. Be sure to check out Map Pack 1 and Map Pack 2 for UT2D to get that extra fix of 2D action. Also UT2D received Fourth Place in Phase 1 of the Make Something Unreal Contest.

The following game types are included in UT2D

UT2D Deathmatch
UT2D Team Deathmatch
UT2D Capture The Flag
UT2D Duel

The following weapons are included in UT2D

Bio Rifle
Flak Cannon (The shells bounce 2D off walls but still spread)
Impact Hammer
Link Gun
Rocket Launcher (The grenades stay on the 2D plane)
Shock Rifle
Translocator (The disk stays on the 2D plane)

The following maps are included in UT2D
(UT2D game types are included in each map)

UT2D-Coret2D - Joe Bates
UT2D-Chaotic - Chaosnight
UT2D-RisingSun1.1 - Odedge
UT2D-VaporTrail - SAHChandler
UT2D-WaterWorks - Rehevkor

Also included in UT2D

MUT-UT2D - Instagib (replaces all weapons with one shot-one kill shock rifle)
MUT-UT2D - Camera 0700 (scrolls out the camera angle to wider view)
MUT-UT2D - Camera 1000 (scrolls out camera angle to even wider view)

ZeelessOne writes, "This mod creates gametypes that turns UT3 into a 2D game! You jump a little higher, and some things are missing, but other than that it's basically UT in 2D! Because of its 2D nature, some weapons had to be modified, and others excluded. Also, obviously default UT3 maps won't work very well with it. Here's a list of what has been modified and what hasn't."
Thanks ZeelessOne.


  1. great mod. must download. incidentally, does anyone remember the pc classic....abuse?

    the map felt a lil too small and restricted movement. in any event this was one of the more original mods/maps thus far! 5/5

  2. Great twist to an already great game!

  3. Man, this is so awesome!!! Thank you jbizzler for coming up with such a great mod and sharing it with the PS3 community. I'm lovin' it, I've been playing CTF for like an hour straight. I'm playing skilled 3-on-3 with dual enforcers, unlimited ammo, kills slow time, and gibalicious. The layout for Chaos is perfect, it's the kind of map you can play forever and never get sick of. I can't wait to see what other kind of maps you come up with for UT2D!!! I also tried the weapon replacement mutator to throw a flak cannon in there but it didn't work, the stinger is the best choice for this level anyway, just wanted to try it. I should mention that the game did crash a few times on me, has anyone else experienced crashing?? And does anyone else out there have a mutator list they would recommend for this mode??

  4. This mod is awesome, better than Brawl in and of itself. At first I was a bit disappointed because the controls felt terrible but after tweaking the controller sensitivity and acceleration, settling on 5 and 9 respectively, I started to get the hang of it and had a lot of fun. A few suggestions though: I think the aiming needs a bit of work (maybe try having a free crosshair that can move around the screen pretty fast - shoot at the crosshair wherever it is in relation to the player). Also, if the screen could zoom in or out enough to see all the players (like in SSB Brawl). I haven't tried the mutators yet so I've got nothing to criticize on that end. I don't know if these suggestions are possible... I just thought that if they could be done then they're worth a try. Anyway, this is still the best idea I've seen so far for UT3! 5/5

  5. This mod is godly. To the owner of this site, do you think you can put up the "sewer" mod here too? In the official forums there is a pretty cool 2D map called Sewer.

    I tested it out and it works nicely. It's funny testing out mutators with this. Jetpacks and slowing down the gameplay... or even speeding it up, it's really fun.

    The sewer map is pretty large too.

    But yeah... this mod is godly. Thanks to the creator.

  6. Sewer is great. I was planning on putting it up but the new version UT2D came out and haven't tested it to see if it works. If you can confirm it works than I will post it.

  7. i dont know if it ws this mod or the sewer map for this mod... but one of the 2 mesed up my graphics for gun effect (shock rifle blasts look like blue squares, link gun looks like green squares, etc) i noticed it when i was playin UT2D on Sewer then when i switched to regular deathmatch the graphic were still messed up.. i had to delete these mods and restart my game to fix it.... just to let u know... hope u guys get all the kinks worked out cuz this mod is awesome!!

  8. It says UT2D maps are available soon as they are up...doesthat mean epic forums? I only see a downloadlink for sewers if so.

  9. @ I'm not Quimos

    Yes that means Epic Forums. Unfortunately, Chaos hasn't had a chance to update the site.

    On UT3MOD.COM, I try to upload as soon as I get the chance. Right now there are 2 UT2D maps available for the PS3. Scroll down below this post or hit the UT2D Maps link at the top of the page. Sometimes we post me more than one mod a day and sometimes it is just one.

  10. Been waiting for the site to have an update, haven't seen new mods in a while

  11. Herby are y still alive ;>? this site haven't get any update for ages...
    Any1 know when PS3 owners get CS mode for UT3?

  12. Daniel Tell me what CS mode is. I don't know what that is.