December 14, 2011

Game Type - All Over

NOTE: All Over is available as individual game types outlined below

Mod Type: Game Type
Name: All Over ver. 1.1
Author: Euchreplayer23
Website: Epic Forums Post
File Size: (individual game types outlined below)
Description: This game type lets you play stock game modes on ANY map you have for UT3. For example you can play a deathmatch game on warfare maps with every vehicle ready to deal out destruction or simply have insane fun with a betrayal game on your favorite CTF map. Get ready to experience UT3 game play like never before with this awesome collection.

IMPORTANT: Click on the game type name for the PS3 DOWNLOAD LINK

The following game types are included in All Over
(Viper, Nemesis and Stealthbender load with missing textures but return with vehicle entry)

AlloverDM - play Deathmatch in DM/CTF/VCTF/WAR maps (96.5 KB)
AlloverTeam - play TeamDeathmatch in DM/CTF/VCTF/WAR maps (96.6 KB)
AlloverFlags - play hoverboard equiped in CTF maps (288.0 KB)
AlloverBetrayal - play Betrayal in DM/CTF/VCTF/WAR maps (128.0 KB)

Euchreplayer23 writes, "Original AllOverDM code by ORGAN with new versions compiled by me."
Thanks Euchreplayer23.


  1. This is a very cool mod. Just so everyone know, if you play online, this mode shows up un the regular DM server list.

  2. how do you activate this mod? after unpacking onto ut3 it shows up on my content but not on my list of mutators

  3. @gamergirl

    When you set up a game, you actually choose this as a gametype. You'll see it at the bottom of the list.

  4. how do u post stuff on UT3 mod? i wanted to post some skins.:D

  5. Send them to my email, UT3MODS@GMAIL.COM. I would love to see them. Thanks.

  6. doesnt work with map cycle
    but i love this mod
    i like playin deathmatch or coret now!

  7. You're right dayinblack. I noticed that about a week ago when I was hosting a DM game with a bunch of WAR and VCTF maps. I had some other mutators on so I wasn't positive that this one was killing the cycling or not, but I was pretty sure it was. Still a cool thing to mess around with though.

  8. you should make an all over Team DM because the only thing i saw is that on the ctf and vctf and warfare is that half the ppl spawn on one side and half on the other side and it doesn't alternate so u end up staying on one side most the time and also please try to make the map cycle work because this is like opening 30-50 new dm maps that were only available on ctf and vctf and warfare this mod is truly amazing but would be the best mod and idea ever if these ideas were implemented