January 30, 2013

Mod Pack - Community Bonus Pack 3: Volume 5


NOTE: Only compatible with game patch ver. 2.0

All maps outlined below are included in one download. The file is large so make sure to wait while it unpacks, which can take several minutes.

Mod Type: Mod Pack
Name: Community Bonus Pack 3: Volume 5 cooked ver. 2.1
Author: CBP3 Team
Website: CBP3
File Size: 206.4 MB
Description: The CBP3 team is back with an impressive fifth release that continues the tradition of CPB3 collections packed with amazing visuals and awesome gameplay. The details, layouts, unique themes, and the character found under the Iron Guard faction makes all this content have something for everyone to enjoy and is highly recommended.

The following maps are included in CBP3: Volume 5

DM-Q1DM4 - GreenLoves
DM-Vicinity - Evilmrfrank
DM-Refresh - nELsOn
DM-SpaceIt - Raz
DM-Alpu - Sklare
CTF-Radiant - GreenLoves
CTF-Raed - nELsOn
CTF-Unikon - Sklare

Also included in CBP3: Volume 5

Hyora (character) - Legendary_Lee

IceCreamYou writes, "CBP3 is a bonus pack for Unreal Tournament 3 with levels and other content created by some of the best UT level designers from around the world. With 49 awards under our belt, the team has now released the fifth volume of the third CBP generation in celebration of UT3's fifth birthday and UT1's 13th birthday."
Thanks CBP3 Team.

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