September 12, 2012

Map Pack - UT99 Compilation

NOTE: UT99 Compilation is available as individual maps outlined below

Mod Type: Map Pack 
Name: UT99 Compilation cooked ver. 2.1 
Author: Euchreplayer23
Website: UnrealVS Forums 
File Size: (individual maps outlined below) 
Description: The classic maps of UT99 are back for UT3 with this great collection of 20 traditional or inspired remakes from the game that put the "Unreal" in multiplayer shooters. Themes vary from "low-poly" inspired DM-Agony2, futuristic take of CTF-FacingWorlds2 or the traditional feel of RB-Morpheus99 to name a few. This collection is packed with that "oldskool" feel of visuals, action and gameplay and should be a must have for any fan of UT99.

IMPORTANT: Click on the map name for the PS3 DOWNLOAD LINK

The following maps are included in UT99 Compilation

DM-Agony2 - Evilmrfrank - HOLP (12.9 MB)
DM-CodexFECreepyD - Epic Forums Post (11.2 MB) 
DM-CurseUT3Wrath - Epic Forums Post (14.3 MB) 
DM-FractalDarkdrium777 - Epic Forums Post (8.4 MB)
DM-Phobos/Phobos LG - Bl!tz - Epic Forums Post (31.6 MB)
DM-Pressure3 - UTGangster - Epic Forums Post (11.3 MB)
DM-SPC-Pyramid - Spect - Epic Forums Post (10.7 MB)
DM-Shrapnel - HitMan - Epic Forums Post (21.1 MB)
DM-MCC-SpaceNoxx - M^vl - Epic Forums Post (24.7 MB)
DM-Viridian Tourney - HitMan - Epic Forums Post (13.0 MB)

(The following maps have individual reviews on UT3MOD.COM)

DM-Conveyor - HitMan (18.7 MB)
DM-Liandri - Ignotium (17.1 MB)
DM-Stalwart - Killbait (16.0 MB)
DM-RB-Barricade - Remus (20.4 MB)
DM-RB-Morpheus99 - Remus (6.8 MB)
DM-UOF-Peak - Bl!tz (18.9 MB)
DM-Tempest X/Tempest XL - Morg002 (46.8 MB)
CTF-Dreary3 - Bazzwano (28.8 MB)
CTF-FacingWorlds2  - UTGangster (16.3 MB)
CTF-Nucleus - Syphix (23.6 MB)

Euchreplayer23 writes, "Various remakes or inspired maps from Unreal Tournament for the PS3."
Thanks Euchreplayer23.

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