August 31, 2012

Weapon - WH40K Chainsword


Mod Type: Weapon
Name: WH40K Chainsword cooked ver. 2.1
Author: Rumplehedskin
File Size: 1.5 MB
Description: Now use one of the weapons of the elite soldiers from the Warhammer 40K sci-fi universe in the form of the deadly Chainsword. This awesome weapon is highly detailed and the animation of serrated metal teeth only confirms how lethal it will be in close quarters.

The following mutators are included in WH40K Chainsword

Add Chainsword - Replaces the Impact Hammer with the Chainsword
Add Chainsword Only - Replaces all weapons with the Chainsword

Rumplehedskin writes, "Chainsword from Space Marines 40k. Primary fire kills enemies instantly with a "burst" type fire enabling you to "swipe" at enemies for an area attack. Capable of killing 2 or 3 enemies in close proximity. Weapon has decent range for a "melee" type weapon. It is also capable of severing heads! It does significant damage to vehicles and titans if you can get close enough."

Thanks Rumplehedskin.


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