September 12, 2012

Map Pack - Halo Compilation

NOTE: Halo Compilation is available as individual maps outlined below

Mod Type: Map Pack 
Name: Halo Compilation cooked ver. 2.1 
Author: Euchreplayer23
Website: UnrealVS Forums 
File Size: (individual maps outlined below) 
Description: Great collection of map remakes from the Halo game series along with some superb maps influenced by the same series. Themes vary from the ultra futuristic DM-Cyclotron to the traditional VCTF-Valhalla2010 to name a few. Each map is packed with awesome graphics with engaging design and is perfect for fans wanting a sample of Halo plus different map styles for UT3.  

IMPORTANT: Click on the map name for the PS3 DOWNLOAD LINK

The following maps are included in Halo Compilation

DM-Afterburn - Inferno (8.6 MB)
DM-Cyclotron - Inferno (15.6 MB) 
VCTF-Coagulation RE - TheHitMan (16.8 MB) 
VCTF-Valhalla2010 - Sp4der (30.7 MB)

Euchreplayer23 writes, "Various remakes or inspired maps from the Halo series for the PS3."
Thanks Euchreplayer23.

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