August 12, 2012

Game Type Level - DOM-Babylon


IMPORTANT: This is a new cook that updates UT3DOM to ver. 5.0

Mod Type: Game Type Level
Name: DOM-Babylon (UT3DOM ver 5.0)
Author: Lord_PorkSword
File Size: 64.3 MB
Description: Based from the DM versions of the same name these awesome low gravity maps look spectacular and should be an instant hit with fans of UT3DOM. Lord Porksword takes  low grav to whole new levels and adds many power ups like the Slow Field Generator and more to get that right balance of fun with over the top action. Be sure to check out CBP3: Volume 4 which feature even more UT3DOM maps.

The following maps are included in DOM-Babylon
(These include the same game type found in UT3DOM)


Lord_PorkSword writes,"A map for those that love their gravity LOW!! Featuring DM/DOM/CTF with up to 32 players and 2 redeemers for all out low gravity mayhem. 'Night edition' now available for those who prefer a space background with their low gravity!"
Thanks Lord_PorkSword.

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