August 12, 2012

Game Type - Elimination

NOTE: Elimination is available as individual game types outlined below

Mod Type: Game Type
Name: Elimination ver. 1.1
Author: Agentq_71
Website: Epic Forums Post, Mod README
File Size: (individual game types outlined below)
Description: This awesome game type lets you play a modified version of the classic Last Man Standing from UT99. You can choose to play Tournament Edition where everyone only gets 3 lives but get extra points based on placing in the top 3 or Elimination/Team Elimination which gives players or both sides a set amount of lives to survive. No matter what you prefer get ready to experience UT3 game play like never before with these excellent mods.

IMPORTANT: Click on the game type name for the PS3 DOWNLOAD LINK

The following game types are included in Elimination

Elimination/Team Elimination - DM with the player still with lives wins the match or TDM with the team still with lives wins the match. The goal score setting determines the lives for each player and Team lives equal the goal score setting times players divided by two (722.6 KB)

Elimination TE - Round based DM where you get extra points for the top 3 places but only get 3 lives. The goal score setting determines the points needed to win the match. Each frag is +1pt while getting 1st is +5pts, 2nd is +3pts and 3rd is +1pt  (754.4 KB)

Agentq_71 writes, "Elimination will be making a return in UT3. Elimination is a gametype where there is one simple goal: Be the last team left alive."
Thanks Agentq_71.

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