August 12, 2012

Game Type - Assault


Mod Type: Game Type 
Name: Assault ver. 1.0 
Author: BloodK1nG
Website: Epic Forums Post 
File Size: 21.3 MB
Description: Assault makes it's grand return with even more action and gets a wonderful map to showcase this classic game type.  The featured map packs in excellent visuals and awesome objective gameplay for small to medium player counts. Be sure to add this excellent game type to your mod collection. 

The following game type is included in Assault

Assault - One team must defend a series of objectives throughout the map while the other team must capture them. To capture a objective simply touch or destroy it. When the attackers capture an objective only then will the next one will become unlocked. All objectives must be captured before time runs out for the attackers to win.

The following map is included in Assault

AS-Ballistic - BloodK1nG

BloodK1nG writes, "A remake of the classic assault map Ballistic from UT99. Attackers attack and enter a military base to launch a missile and destroy an orbiting space ship."
Thanks BloodK1nG.


  1. I love this site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Im getting this mod, looks awesome. Hope it applies to other maps :D