August 12, 2012

Deathmatch Map - RB-Morpheus99


Mod Type: Deathmatch Map 
Name: RB-Morpheus99 cooked ver. 2.1 
Author: Remus
Website: Epic Forums Post 
File Size: 6.8 MB 
Description: This classic map makes a grand return with all the intense action and excellent layout of the original. Using detailed textures with fantastic lighting this low-grav arena is perfect for medium player counts and sure to please any fan of the old school method of crushing your enemies.

Remus writes, "Remake of the classic Unreal Tournament 99 deathmatch map Morpheus.
Map is set on the rooftops of three giant towers that reach out into space."

Thanks Remus.

1 comment:

  1. like very old Times ... (: just part of my life history can i say i will forget
    all those missions way to end of my life or maybe truth is our world will become
    a miss playground like the game i loved someday.after i forgot it through 10 year
    then my universe on earth just turning it's face to fateless future (; Godspeed gentlemen i love this Game from 2000 i opened it's pack through the year my next
    generation son's & daughters will open the true shape of it like the day they claim to be kings & queens but (: in new forms like they are warheads in mankind
    bodies ok after all when will unreal tournament 5 be released ...hah cause i passed my life not playing this Game claim trough 2010 till now in 2018. ); but Time awaits river of life must not be wasted .i will buy a new UT SERIES GAME PACK FOR MY SONS & (: new series of need for speed after most wanted 3 for my daughters BET THEY WILL SHOOT ON SIGHT BETTER THAN ME IN THE GAME & BETTER DRIFT GIRLS MORE THAN WHAT I CAN IN NFS CARBON. i just remember i drifted 12000000 drift points in nfs carbon claim was drift God after that...then for the record i still can jump like a faster rabbit escaping any shot locked on me in UNREAL ...)(((TOURNAMENT 2007)))(... (: AKA FASTER ...GOD AKA ME