September 12, 2012

Character - UT99 Bots


Mod Type: Character
Name: UT99 Bots cooked ver. 2.1 
Author: YourPackage
File Size: 13.9 MB
Description: YourPackage is back with another pack of amazing models this time featuring the classic cybernetic characters from UT99. Upgraded with new visuals yet sticking with the original design these should satisfy anyone looking to add great robot models in UT3. These awesome characters can be found under the Liandri faction.

The following characters are included in UT99 Bots

Xan Mark I
Xan Mark II
War Machine Boss

YourPackage writes, "These models are the Unreal Tournament Xan Mark I and II Battlesuits plus War Machine Boss character from the original Unreal Tournament."
Thanks YourPackage.

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