June 6, 2012

Mutator - TVG Pack: Volume 1


Mod Type: Mutator
Name: TVG Pack: Volume 1 ver. 1.1
Author: Snky_Bstrd
File Size: 174.9 KB
Description: Get ready for some outrageous action with these awesome yet subtle enhancements to your UT3 gameplay.

The following mutators are included in TVG Pack: Volume 1

FastWeaponSwitch - Faster weapon-switch times
Unlimited Ammo - All weapons come with unlimited ammunition
Friendly Fire - 1/2 damage Friendly Fire
Anti-Masochism - Players cannot hurt themselves with their own weapons
Infini-Jump - Quad-Jumps

Dual Enforcers - Gives dual enforcers to all players

Snky_Bstrd writes, "This is a mutator pack containing 5 mutators. Everything was written from scratch (not that these are brain-busting to produce) and I just thought I'd share.
Thanks Snky_Bstrd.

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