June 6, 2012

Mutator - Titan King


Mod Type: Mutator
Name: Titan King ver. 1.0 
Author: SuperJenius
Website: Epic Forums Post
File Size: 98.6 KB 
Description: Become a true King of the arena and reap the rewards of being a deadly Titan with this awesome mutator. Basically the first player to kill becomes King but any player that kills the King is the next Titan.  Once the King dies, that player cannot become King again for 30 seconds. 

Deathmatch is most like Mutant, all players are pitted against the King and cannot kill each other. With other game types, there is still one King, but otherwise the normal game rules apply (you can kill any player on the opposing team, etc.).

The following mutator is included in Titan King

Titan King

SuperJenius writes, "Nothing too fancy, but a nice first step into modding, I think. Please give it a try."
Thanks SuperJenius.

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