February 24, 2012

Mutator - GOW Spectator


Mod Type: Mutator
Name: GOW Spectator ver. 1.0 
Author: PacerX
Website: GOW Forums Post
File Size: 64.0 KB 
Description: If your hosting now let anyone joining follow over the shoulder of each player in the match by setting up a server password. When spectating use the next-weapon button to cycle through different players or fly around the map independently using the secondary fire. You can also press the primary fire button to view team objectives like the orb or flag carrier.

IMPORTANT: To spectate a match, you must login to a server hosting GOW Spectate and you must enter the server password using ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. To enter the match as a normal active player, just enter the password using lowercase letters.

The following mutator is included in GOW Spectator

GOW Spectator

PacerX writes, "GOW Spectator allows you to observe the action in a multiplayer UT3 match on PS3."
Thanks PacerX.

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