December 14, 2011

Vehicle - Jackal Hover Tank


Mod Type: Vehicle 
Name: Jackal Hover Tank ver. 1.0 
Author: Gamma Ray
Website: Epic Forums Post 
File Size: 6.9 MB 
Description:  This excellent vehicle truly captures the design and details of stock UT3 vehicles to make it the perfect fit in your mod collection . Not only does this hover tank pack lethal side cannons but a secondary gunner will come handy by providing that extra dose of destruction from the rapid fire turret.

The following mutators are included in Lav III

Gamma Vech-Jackal Replace - Replaces the Hellbender
Gamma Vech-Jackal Replace All - Replaces all vehicle spawns

Gamma Ray writes, "I felt like making a vehicle one day. I was almost done with the highpoly model when i decided to make it for ut3. Custom hover vehicle with two seats. 1st seat controls the vehicle and the side cannons. 2nd seat controls front turret."
Thanks Gamma Ray.

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