December 14, 2011

Vehicle - Advanced Armor Warfare


IMPORTANT: This is a new cook that fixes alignment issues with the tanks reticule

Mod Type: Vehicle 
Name: Advanced Armor Warfare ver. 2.5 
Author: SithLegend
Website: Epic Forums Post 
File Size: 11.6 MB 
Description:  This collection of vehicles brings a 21st century military theme to UT3 and comes packed with awesome design and texture work. For pure firepower the T90 and M1A2 tanks fill that role perfectly while the BMP-3 is the ideal APC due to its repair and health recovery features. These vehicles are a must have for anyone looking to add that touch of modern military vehicles to their gameplay.

The following mutators are included in Advanced Armor Warfare

Advanced Armor Warfare-bmp3 Replace - bmp3 replaces the Scorpion
Advanced Armor Warfare-bmp3 Replace All - Replaces all vehicle spawns with bmp3
Advanced Armor Warfare-m1a2 Replace - m1a2 replaces the Hellbender
Advanced Armor Warfare-m1a2 Replace All - Replaces all vehicle spawns with m1a2
Advanced Armor Warfare-t90 Replace - t90 replaces the Goliath
Advanced Armor Warfare-t90 Replace All - Replaces all vehicle spawns with t90

SithLegend writes, "Basically is nothing new that hasn't been done before its just a collection of military vehicles for ut3."
Thanks SithLegend.

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