January 5, 2012

Game Type Level - Jailbreak Map Pack 1

NOTE: Jailbreak Map Pack 1 is available as individual maps outlined below

Mod Type: Game Type Level
Name: Jailbreak Map Pack 1 (Jailbreak ver. 2.0)
Author: BloodK1nG
Website: BeyondUnreal Forums Post
File Size: (individual maps outlined below)
Description: This collection of Jailbreak maps is the perfect compliment to the intense action and unique game play found in the Jailbreak game type for UT3. Each map has a different theme and style ranging from the futuristic feel of JB-ColdSpace to the eerie atmosphere of JB-LostCause. Be sure to check Jailbreak for even more UT3 style prison breaks.

IMPORTANT: Click on the map name for the PS3 DOWNLOAD LINK

The following maps are included in Jailbreak Map Pack 1
(Jailbreak game type is included in each map)

JB-ColdSpace - BloodK1nG (26.6 MB)
JB-LostCause - BloodK1nG (35.8 MB)

BloodK1nG writes, "This pack contains maps for the Jailbreak mod on Unreal Tournament 3, I hope you have fun and enjoy!"
Thanks BloodK1nG.

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