December 12, 2011

Character - Girls of Gears


IMPORTANT: This is a new cook that adds additional characters

Mod Type: Character
Name: Girls of Gears cooked ver. 2.1
Author: Euchreplayer23
Website: UnrealVS Forums
File Size: 11.1 MB
Description: These impressive female characters from the Gears of War universe comes packed with awesome design work and texture details. Be sure to check out the Gears of War characters for that extra fix of Gears. The COG models can be found under the Iron Guard faction while Queen Myrrah can be found under the Necris faction.

The following characters are included in Girls of Gears

Anya Stroud
Anya C. Stroud
Queen Myrrah
Sam Bynre

Euchreplayer23 writes, "Female characters from the Gears of War trilogy for the PS3."
Thanks Euchreplayer23.

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