November 7, 2011

Deathmatch Map - 1on1-BloodMoney


IMPORTANT: This is a new cook that fixes missing preview pics

Mod Type: Deathmatch Map 
Name: 1on1-BloodMoney cooked ver. 2.1 
Author: Crayfish
Website: Epic Forums Post 
File Size: 17.8 MB 
Description: This urban themed map is packed with great visuals, excellent lighting and wonderful gameplay. Action is kept intense for medium to large player counts by using multiple avenues of attack which only add to the sense of impending rockets. Also DM-1on1-BloodMoney received Honorable Mention in Phase 2 of the Make Something Unreal Contest.

Crayfish writes, "An entire district of the Axon metropolis is sealed off by the Asian street gangs who control it, to play host to a death duel for the pleasure of the cities corporate bosses and high stakes gamblers. It is said that only skilled snipers leave the Blood Money district alive."
Thanks Crayfish.

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