September 14, 2011

Map Pack - HOLP3: Volume 1


IMPORTANT: This is a new cook that fixes missing preview pics

All maps outlined below are included in one download. The file is large so make sure to wait while it unpacks, which can take several minutes.

Mod Type: Map Pack 
Name: HOLP3: Volume 1 cooked ver. 2.1 
Author: HOLP Team
Website: HOLP 
File Size: 130.0 MB 
Description: The HOLP (Hardcore Oldskool Low Poly) Team is back again with another amazing map pack filled with the same intense action, smooth framerates and clean graphics we all come to expect. This is what "Oldskool" is all about so don't miss out on this latest volume. If you haven't checked out HOLP maps before then get even more "hardcore" by adding HOLP2 or the original HOLP1 to your mod collection.

The following maps are included in HOLP3: Volume 1

DM-Eluded - Vybz
DM-Faze - Cr4zy
DM-Integrity - Slainchild
DM-Oxidized - Slainchild
CTF-Isis - Sefyra
CTF-Orestes - Ignotium
CTF-Politicos - Mclogenog
CTF-Rabalder - Daze, Dennis Vizins
CTF-Tangled - Hazel.H

HOLP Team writes, "The aim of HOLP is to provide Unreal Tournament 3 levels with high quality gameplay and performance, and oldskool UT visuals. This pack is not meant to rival the graphics found in the retail UT3 levels, using limited bloom, normal maps and clutter. Nearly all contributing level designers are active within the games industry."
Thanks HOLP Team.

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