September 2, 2011

Vehicle CTF Map - RocketForst


IMPORTANT: This is a new cook that fixes missing textures and preview pics

Mod Type: Vehicle CTF
Name: RocketForst cooked ver. 2.1
Author: Scarface
File Size: 28.1 MB
Description: This wonderful outdoor map provides medium player counts a spectacular environment of lush foliage, serene waters and mountain vistas while making the gameplay constant and intense.  Nothing better than fresh air and a good frag. Also VCTF-RocketForst received Fourth Place in Phase 3 of the Make Something Unreal Contest.

Scarface writes, "finally I released my first UT3 map, it has taken quite some time. I didn't really want to release fast to get the style right. It's again in a nature theme like my other UT2k4 maps ;) and it's again not really a hardcore gameplay map. I focused more on the visuals and the atmosphere."
Thanks Scarface.

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