September 12, 2011

Game Type - Galtanor's Invasion


Mod Type: Game Type 
Name: Galtanor's Invasion ver. 022 
Author: Galtanor
File Size: 47.3 MB 
Description: Try your best to stay alive against all manner of monsters ranging from hordes of AttackBots to the deadly ObsidianGolem in this awesome cooperative game type.  There are fifty distinct and professionally designed monsters to face off against along with varying waves of difficulty to challenge any hardened team.  So say your prayers and prepare to be invaded. Also Galtanor's Invasion received Second Place in Phase 1 of the Make Something Unreal Contest.

The following game types are included in Galtanor's Invasion

Galtanor's Invasion - Default Wave (standard set of monsters)
Galtanor's Invasion - Rodents and Skeletons Wave
Galtanor's Invasion - Insane Wave (hardest monsters)

Also included in Galtanor's Invasion

MonstersDropItems (mutator that makes monsters drop powerups)

Galtanor writes, "Defend against hordes of invading monsters!"
Thanks Galtanor.

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