September 10, 2011

Deathmatch Map - IcyApex


IMPORTANT: This is a new cook that fixes missing preview pics

Mod Type: Deathmatch Map
Name: IcyApex cooked ver. 2.1 
Author: AlexG
File Size: 15.3 MB
Description: This wintry arena is perfect for those looking for the cool outdoors to deal out their destruction. Using classic industrial textures along with a well designed centralized structure keeps all the action contained for small to medium player counts. Just be weary of those fancy dodge moves along the ice covered catwalks otherwise it will be you who will be the dish best served cold.

AlexG writes, "In the midst of the arctic mountain peaks lies the Icy Apex. The weather/communications tower mysteriously became abandoned many years ago. There remains an eerie energy in the air that you feel as you pass through the frigid halls."
Thanks AlexG.

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