August 27, 2011

Weapon - Liandri Hacker


Mod Type: Weapon 
Name: Liandri Hacker ver. 2.0 
Author: Parser
File Size: 384 KB 
Description: This is an awesome replacement to the stock Impact Hammer and not only looks cool but has a great Secondary Fire electrical discharge feature. 

The following mutator is included in Liandri Hacker

Liandri Hacker

Parser writes, "Designed as a reinstatement of a blade-based melee weapon for the Tournament (and replacing the Impact Hammer), the Liandri Hacker is a durable tarydium-powered mining tool that can cut through tough materials with little to no resistance, including flesh. Primary fire initialises the high-speed circular saw, whereas secondary fire engages the rubble-clearing electrical discharge."
Thanks Parser.

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