August 27, 2011

Mutator - Relic Madness


NOTE: Relic of Haste might cause framerate issues with certain maps

Mod Type: Mutator 
Name: Relic Madness ver. 1.0 
Author: Xaklse
File Size: 2.1 MB 
Description: This mutator brings back the classic relics from previous UT games and gives players the chance to powerup like never before with all new abilities.  You are limited to five of each relic at one time but all relic types can be selected. Also Relic Madness received Finalist in Phase 1 of the Make Something Unreal Contest.

The following mutators are included in Relic Madness

Relic Madness AGI - Provides you a powerful jump
Relic Madness AMM - Replenishes your ammunition counters
Relic Madness DEF - Reduces all the damage you take by half
Relic Madness DIS - If your hurt, your enemy will be forced to feign death
Relic Madness EQU - Distribute damage you take amongst nearby players
Relic Madness EVI - Gives you a rare illness
Relic Madness GUN - Makes you shoot faster
Relic Madness HAS - Multiplies your speed by 1.5
Relic Madness HEA - Regenerates your health
Relic Madness INF - Decreases you in size
Relic Madness INV - Makes you invisible
Relic Madness MOM - The momentum of damage is increased
Relic Madness RAD - Gradually decreases the opponents' health near you
Relic Madness RED - Gives you a second chance at life
Relic Madness STR - Doubles the damage that you do
Relic Madness TRA - If your hurt twice, your enemy will be teleported
Relic Madness VAM -Grants you the ability to drain opponent's life damage
Relic Madness VEN - Creates a big explosion after your death

Xaklse writes, "Do you remember the relics? The relics are items that move around the map and give you special powers when picked up."
Thanks Xaklse.

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