August 26, 2011

Mutator - Camera Control


NOTE: Zoom replaces switching seats and does not support custom vehicles

Mod Type: Mutator 
Name: Camera Control ver. 2.0 
Author: Xyz
File Size: 11.5 MB 
Description: This wonderful mutator gives you more control over your vehicle and hoverboard camera view for not only better kills but more situational awareness in combat.  Also a great way to view all those hoverboard antics in style.

The following mutator is included in Camera Control

Camera Control

Xyz writes, "This mutator offers between four and six camera presets for each vehicle, ranging from right-on-the-nose or aiming-down-the-barrel "first person" cameras to UT2004 style and long-distance third person cameras that provide a view of the entire vehicle."
Thanks Xyz.

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