August 28, 2011

Game Type - UT3DOM


IMPORTANT: This is a new cook that updates UT3DOM to ver. 5.0

Mod Type: Game Type 
Name: UT3DOM ver. 5.0 
Author: UT3DOM Team
Website: UT3DOM 
File Size: 59.5 MB
Description: Domination and Double Domination makes it's grand return with even more action and gets a wonderful collection of maps to showcase these classic game types.  Each map featured has great visuals and awesome gameplay for small to medium player counts.  The UT3DOM Team put together an amazing and professional mod and this is a must have in your UT3 collection. Be sure to check out CBP3: Volume 4 and DOM-Sesmar for more awesome UT3DOM game play. Also UT3DOM received Third Place in Phase 1 of the Make Something Unreal Contest.

The following game types are included in UT3DOM

Domination - Two teams fight for possession of control points scattered throughout the map. To capture a control point simply touch it. When a team owns a control point, their team score increases steadily until another team touches the control point.

Double Domination - Two teams battle for control over two control points (A and B). Your team must hold both control points for 10 seconds to score.

The following maps are included in UT3DOM
(Domination and Double Domination are included in each map)

DOM-AKI - Nawrot
DOM-Apodos - Nawrot

UT3DOM Team writes, "No more waiting, UT3DOM is officialy here!"
Thanks UT3DOM Team.

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