August 24, 2011

Character - Hyora


Mod Type: Character
Name: Hyora cooked ver 2.0 
Author: Legendary_Lee
Website: Epic Forums Post, 
File Size: 2.8 MB
Description: From the author of Rankin (in CBP3: Volume 3 and MSUC Winner) comes another professionally designed model that only adds to the impressive resume of character mods from Legendary_Lee. This highly detailed female character can be found under the Iron Guard faction.

The following character is included in Hyora

Legendary_Lee writes, "The name Hyora came first, as I based the appearance of her face to the Korean pop singer, Hyo Ri. Hydra faction then came into my mind from Hyora since they sounded similar. Hydra faction are special forces that are well trained in battles on water. Thats why I designed the underneath suit almost like a wetsuit."
Thanks Legendary_Lee.

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