August 28, 2011

Game Type - Snowreal


IMPORTANT: This is a new cook that updates Snowreal to ver. 1.5

Mod Type: Game Type
Name: Snowreal ver. 1.5
Author: Squizmek
Website: Snowreal Official Website, Mod README
File Size: 70.3 MB
Description: Welcome to pure adrenaline fueled snowboarding for UT3. This awesome gametype uses four distinct snowboarding maps to test your snow skills from beating the clock to performing the most freestyle moves. For fans of fun, snowboarding and speed this mod is a must for your mod collection. Also Snowreal received Fourth Place in Phase 2 of the Make Something Unreal Contest.

NOTE: Controls, trick types and trick points can be found in the Mod README.

The following game types are included in Snowreal

Snowreal Time Trial (This has two modes)
Time Trial - (Setting the SCORELIMIT TO 0) The one with the best time for the parcourse wins once the timelimit is reached.
Trick Competition - (Settting the SCORELIMIT TO 1 OR MORE) Perform freestyle tricks to gain points and as soon as a player reaches the Scorelimit or the Timelimit is reached the game is over. You should set the Scorelimit to something high like 1000.

Snowreal Race - Whoever finishes the race first, wins. One race consists two laps, meaning you will respawn at the top of the mountain after your first lap. You get points depending on how you place. After two rounds, the player with the most points wins.

The following weapons are included in Snowreal

Snow Cannon (Fires snowballs that can knock down snowboard players)
Mobile Teleporter (Teleports player to last checkpoint)
Remote Camera (Drop or shoot it and get a view from that position)

The following maps are included in Snowreal

SR-WhiteSlope - Squizmek
SR-SnowballRun - Max_Damage
SR-EasyRide - Squizmek
SR-Eruption - Squizmek

Squizmek writes, "Snowreal is a 3rd person Snowboarding Mod for Unreal Tournament 3. Race down one of 4 massive-scale maps or show your spectacular skills in a trick competition. Switch from vast snow landscapes to a tension-packed ride over dangerous lava streams down a volcano, back to an tricky alpine slalom course."
Thanks Squizmek.


  1. It's a pretty cool mod, theres a few things needing to be teaked - the non-snowboarding levels need to be taken off, i was wondering at the start what this mod does because i wasn't on the SR mod levels. It's a cool to just mess around with. Brings back memories or the snowboading level from FF7...

  2. I was wondering when this mod would show up. I play it all the time. I wish there was more than 2 maps and online servers for it running. Great mod.

  3. Great MOD, hope to see some more maps sooooon :)

  4. i downloaded the snowreal mod and it works but idont have the snow board for some reason can u tell me how to use the board i dont know how to get the damn snow board

  5. Press the square button to enter the snowboard. Make sure you read the read me in the post for the full list of tricks and controls.

  6. Hi, this is Squizmek, author of Snowreal. The file "USERDATA.JAM" for version 1.2 you're hosting is 20MB smaller than the original one!!

    I advise everyone to get the files from the official snowreal site:

  7. Thanks Squizmek. I uploaded the correct version now to the servers. That is strange I got the file from your site. I even commented on your site. Thanks again for an awesome mod.

  8. version 1.5 of snowreal now supports ut3 patch 2.0 :)