December 11, 2011

Mutator - Auto Health

NOTE: Auto Health is available as individual mutators outlined below

Mod Type: Mutator
Name: Auto Health ver. 1.1
Author: Turulox
Website: Epic Forums Post
File Size: 64.0 KB (each)
Description: This great mutator brings a modern first person shooter flavor to UT3 by having a health system that brings your life back incrementally as long as you don't get shot at.  Also you can combine both mutators to get a health increase of 3 by each second to handle even more intense action.

IMPORTANT: Click on the mutator name for the PS3 DOWNLOAD LINK

The following mutators are included in Auto Health

Auto Health Classic (increases health by 1 each second)
Auto Health New (increases health by 2 each second)

Turulox writes, "Automatically increases every players health. It will increase health by 1 each second while player health is under 100. It helps players to survive when they are damaged and don't find health packs, so your killing spree can last longer. Would be similar to many modern games such as COD4 health system which increases your health after mortal damage."
Thanks Turulox.


  1. Great, I was looking forward to this.

  2. Fantastic mod, i was just wondering could you please make a version so that you have to be in the clear for a few seconds before you start healing, thank you.

  3. superb. hate going around searching for health in the midst of battle! 5/5

  4. Hi everyone,
    Love all these mods for UT3 PS3. I play with KB & mouse, and I wish a mutator that disables the auto-aim was released. Who can I contact to do this? It shouldn't be difficult to bypass the light auto-aiming. I don't need this, and it's often annoying. Thanks for your help.