September 10, 2011

Deathmatch Map - Yard SE


IMPORTANT: This is a new cook that fixes missing preview pics

Mod Type: Deathmatch Map
Name: Yard SE cooked ver. 2.1
Author: Gush
Website: Epic Forums Post
File Size: 10.6 MB
Description: Can you say high flying action in space? This awesome map has a simple but effective layout by using multiple jump pads and keeps the action up close and personal. This is not going to be lost in space.

Gush writes, "My personal remake of Q3DM17. I made this map just to get used to the new UED, trying to stay as close as possible to the original version. Have fun!"
Thanks Gush.


  1. This map is fantastic when it's crowded and you've got the flak cannon.

  2. Thanks for the ps3 cooked mods let me know if make more-Dros

  3. Just wanted to say this map is by far the best one i have played. it looks great plays fast and couldnt work better. great for odd gametypes: rockets only, duel enforces + rampage, third person. it all looks amazing. please keep them coming!

    P.s anubanut2k4, yes you have a good point but not many people play ut3 on ps3. even little still mod theres. this is a small comunity and this page is by far the best for it.